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    As the Election Commission of India put its all efforts to provide single window electoral service to all the Indian citizens who cross the age of 18 years. And after all efforts, Election Commission of India endeavour National Voters Service Portal is developed. The aim of national Voters Service Portal is to provide single window services relating to Elector to all citizens. The National Voters Service Portal is designed to provide services as search name in voters list, new voter id card registration, new registration by an Over Sea Elector, correction, links of other CEO officers website, contact details of ERO, DEO, BLO and other election officers , knowing polling stations, short movies on electronic voting Machine, scripts for educating electors.
    Election commission of India is a body responsible for administering elections in India as per rules and regulations of Constitution of India. It provides process of election at several levels: Parliament State Legislative, President and Vice President Offices of India. It ensures smooth and successfully functions of elections. Its main functions are free and fear elections, regulation of political parties and check that they are eligible to contest elections, regulating tax of political parties and many other functions.


    As we all know that voter ID card is a document issued as an Identity proof of an Elector. And all the details mentioned in the voter id card are very important as it is also used for many other purposes as address proof, age proof, photo proof. If there is any mistake in voter ID card detail and then you can apply for correction of detail. Or if any applicant already enrolled for voter ID card and correctly change address then you have to fill form 8A or 6. If any person changes address within same assembly then need to fill form 8A and if changes address from one assembly to other assembly then need to fill form no 6.

    For online change of address, we have to move towards National Voters Service Portal from here

    To the webpage of NVSP, you will be able to see many services as search name in voters list, apply online registration of new voter, new registration of voter by an Over Sea elector, know your Booth, AC and PC, know your BLO,ERO and DEO, correction of entries in electoral roll.

    On this page, you have to click to the option of correction of entries in electoral roll. It will redirect you to next page of

    To this page, you can see much application form as for new registration, correction of entries, deletion of name, change of address etc.

    For change of address you need to click to the application form 8A or 6.

    Link of application form 8A of change of address within same assembly:

    Link of form 6 for change of address from one assembly to other assembly constituency:

    Select application form and next proceed to fill all mandatory information in the application form. All the information given in the application form by you to National Service Portal is to be correct and accurate.

    And this upload documents in PDF file as identity proof, new address proof. And slightly hit to the submit button in the last given of the application form. And receive an ID number on next page; keep it safety help you in future and after those, procedures will complete.

    The above is on how to get change of address in voter ID card. We provide you all the relative procedures for how to apply for change of address in voter ID card. We are happy to help you. Hope that this guide will help you.
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    i need to make some changes in my card. so let me know that where i can get the form 8.
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    my application form is lost and i am not having the registration number for it.
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    Aee bhai...address change krne ke baad
    Ek photo aur address proof mangta hai...toh address proof mein kya attach krenge...???
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    only address needed to be filled or should fill everything???
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    Vishram prajapatprajapat
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    How election-id card will be received?
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    can i change state to another state with adhar card proof
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