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    Uttar Pradesh is a very big state. It is also form pone of the biggest population sate in country India. The population of utter Pradesh as per census records of year 2012 is around 204.2 millions. Election card is essential document which is used after every five year for choosing government through voting. The electoral department provides the facility if online submission of application form. Voter id card is not only an identification card, it is also an address proof which can used for many purposes like banking services, photo id proof along with government and non government services. The government of every state provides the facility of applying for voter ID card after attaining the prescribed age limit.

    But if any person has already enrolled for voter ID card and the details provided in the voter ID card some particulars are not correct then he / she can apply for correction in voter ID card. It can be any kind of correction like wrong spieling name entered in voter id card, wrong address details given, wrong photo graph etc , applicant can apply for any kind of correction in voter id card . But before it he / she have to provide proofs. We provide you procedures for correction in voter ID card.

    Only the following person can apply for correction in voter ID card. If any person fulfils the limit then he / she can apply for correction in voter ID card:

    A. He / she should attain the age of 18 years.
    B. The person who wants to make correction i his / her voter id card has already enrolled in voter list.

    First Step: If any person wants to do correction in voter ID card, then go the election commission website of your state. The website of election commission of utter Pradesh is . Visit to this website for taking application form.

    Second Step: For downloading application form, on the home page of election commission website, move your courser on ‘for voters’ from there click on voters form. This will redirect you on this page there are given application forms.

    Third Step: For correction, you have to download the form 8 of application for objection to particulars entered in electoral roll. From there download it.

    Forth Step: Now, you have to fill details in the form and want details you want to correct and why, reason. Attach documents of details which you want to correct with your old voter id card.

    Fifth Step: Now visit to the electoral commission and submit your application form with documents on the essential counter number of the office. The officer provides you a receipt containing details on which you get your corrected voter id card.

    Here we provide you direct link of the page from where you can download your application form no 8. Link of page is

    For any kind of other query, you can contact on the call centre of election commission of Uttar Pradesh. We provide you number: Call centre number: 1800181950
  2. my name is not added on the election list. what i have to do for that.
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    i want to download the online voter id card. how can i get it.
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    where to get the form 8 and how can i get the voter id card.
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  5. Ram sakal yadav s/o purushottam yadav village or post- guwai .tah.phoolpur ps.didarganj.district azamgarh up.​

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