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    In the 2015 year elections of Brahut Bangalore Mahanagara Palika, were announced by the Karnataka state Election commission to the civic body on August 3. For the { one hundred ninety-eight} wards will go on pools on the date of 22 august, 2015. As the schedule announced by the election commission, the candidate who want to take part in the elections got one week to file their nomination from 3 august to 10 august.

    The nomination pore will be done on 11 to August. The candidates will withdraw their nomination by 13 the august. According to the Karnataka elation Commission data records total { seventy-one lakh eighty thousand twenty-seven peoples have the voters id card to caste vote for the {one hundred ninety-eight} wards. From the total voters, {thirty-seven lakh sixty-eight thousand four hundred ninety-eight} are men and {thirty-four lakh ten thousand three hundred eighty-eight} voters Rae voters and remained are others. Total {six thousand seven hundred thirty-three} pooling booths are identified by the election commission of Karnataka. And maximum one thousand five hundred voters can caste their vote in each booth.

    As the Karnataka state is the state in the southwest region of India country. This state is formed on 1956, November 1 as per the States Reorganisation Act. In the earlier time the state is known as the state of Mysore, but in the year 1973, it is renamed as Karnataka. The capital and largest city of Karnataka state are Bangalore. This state is border by Arabian sea from the west to Goa from the north-west to Maharashtra state from the north to Telangana state from Northeast, Andhra Pradesh state from the East. The state of Karnataka covers the total area of { one lakh ninety-one thousand nine hundred seventy-six } kilometer square. It is the seventh largest state from all states.

    @⟹The dept has the above-given link portal which provides the information to the citizens about registration and much more. Here select REGISTER ONLINE option.

    @⟹ After this, you will be directed to this page:
    @⟹ For the new user, as here you have click on the new user by username and password. To create your account, you have to click on register. After this provide a valid Email Id and mobile number and complete registration.

    @⟹ Then when successfully registered your name and password is sent to you on E-mail ID or on mobile number.

    @⟹ Now log in yourself through user Id and password and select application form, form no 6 for new registration. Fill it with all the complete details and upload all the documents and upload proofs of address, age, identity, and one photograph. And complete procedure.

    @⟹ As if you want to download application form then go to this page
    @⟹ Select Form 6 in English or Kannada language:
    @⟹ Put details, sent to the election office with all documents to be required.

    @⟹ Search your name in voters list after receiving voter id card, then open this page:
    @⟹ To search your application status after completing registration but after some days, visit this page:

    Address: Nirvachana Nilaya, Maharani’s College Circle, Sheshadri Road, Bangalore.
    Pin Code: 560001
    State: Karnataka
    Fax Number: 22234039
    Toll-Free Number: 1950
    STD Code: 080

    Chief Electoral Officer
    Anil Kumar Jha
    Phone number: 22242042
    E-Mail ID:

    :>>= the only portal which provides online voter id card registration in the state of Karnataka. Do not believe any fraud site.

    :>>= not to pay any fee charges as no fee charges are to be charged by the election commission.

    :>>= online portal is developed to save time and money and make the process more transparent.

    :>>= call to the toll-free number in case of any query or can file the online complaint to this page:
    We provide you all detailed information in the above guide for the process of new registration of voter ID card in the state of Karnataka. We hope that all this help you in filling registration for new voter id card. Thank you, dear user.
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    Respected Sir / Madam,

    My name is Kerthan Kumar, i am 19 yrs old. i want enroll my name in the voter list. as per procedure i registered my mail id and mobile number. after the registration i tried to login it will show error how to solve the problem
    pls help me
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    Why is the website not available for online Ration card and voter card registration?
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    I am trying to apply voter id online followed all procedure as per suggested on the site but when I logged in and selected FORM 6, website is not proceeding, it is displaying " You are not allowed access to this page, Application Closed for Software update and Maintenance Activities" and "This website is temporarily closed"
    Can someone tell me when this issue will be resolved??
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