CEO Himachal Pradesh: Download & View All Application Forms for New or Existing Voters & Contesting Candidates Form 6 7 8 8A 6A 2A 2B 26 & BLA

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    Application form for voter card services is avail by Chief electoral officer, Himachal Pradesh. The user needs to check all form is avail then apply here. All type of application form is avail in the online website with two languages. The user needs to search their name is included in voter list. After apply services, you need to check status about form. You need to read here a list of FAQ question so check all. They can show here all mobile application with polling station. You can give here feedback services which response is provided soon. Now check here contact information is avail about CEO, ERO and more.

    —¢—List & Download Page for All Voter’s Application Form Related to All Services via—¢—
    Now you need to check all type of application form needed by the user at the time of application.

    This link can provide an application form so downloads them and apply for several of services. They can provide here languages, form name, and their description. They can also avail here in PDF format. So read all information avail here then apply services in short time. You can use services as per requirement of an applicant. Follow all step are shown here.

    ♦—Forms For New & Existing Voters:

    • —Form 6: - It can be used to apply for new voter ID card. It can be used as an id proof document. You need to download this form in two languages. [English/ Hindi]
    • —Form 7: - Now use given a form for apply here name deleted in voter list or have some objection to naming add. [English/ Hindi]
    • —Form 8: - It can be used for any of correction in their voter id card like name, address, photo, voter card number, father/ husband name, and more [English/ Hindi]
    • —Form 8A: - It can be used for change of address in voter card within same assembly constituency. You need to show here new address proof at time of application services. [English/ Hindi]
    • —Form 6A: - You can apply here if an applicant is overseas electors. So read all information avail here then apply services. [English/ Hindi]
    ♦—Forms For Contesting Candidates:
    • —Form 2A: - Nomination papers for Lok Sabha Election [English]
    • —Form 2B: - Nomination paper for Legislative Assembly Election [English]
    • —Form 26: - Affidavit regarding Criminal Cases and Assets [English]
    • —BLA Form: - Form for Booth Level Agents and Instructions [English]
    All type of form is avail here so download them and apply services. They are shown here.

    —¢—Contact Details & Helpline Numbers of CEO HP Department for Help—¢—
    If you are living in HP state then call to 1950 number or if you are residing outside of Himachal then call to 0177-1950 Number. Now call on helpline number and ask here a correct question about their quires. This number is avail in all working days. You can also need to give here feedback about services. They can provide all solution to the user about their quires.

    Applicant you need to download application form avail about voter card services. The link is avail here so visit here and check all details. For any of help, you need to call on helpline number.

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